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2020 Mercedes-Benz SL Roadster



The body and features have changed since its inception in 1954, but one thing remains the same: the Mercedes-Benz SL Roadster is the ultimate luxury grand touring vehicle. Gaze through the standard panorama roof in full view of the sun, or push a button for MAGIC SKY CONTROL® to darken the glass electronically. Ride in the open air, roadster style, or push another button to cocoon the SL in a power hardtop encasement, transforming it into a coupe. You can even do that while driving up to 25 miles per hour. 

Starting at $91,000 MSRP for the SL 450,* the romance of the open road is not far away. Available in 10 striking colors, the SL continues to charm drivers the world over. 

Drive & Handling

Driving an SL is an exercise in both power and opulence. Mercedes-Benz gifted this updated legacy vehicle with a 3.0-liter V6 biturbo engine with the automaker's innovative 9G-TRONIC 9-speed automatic transmission, producing 362 horsepower. In terms of cargo, you’ll find enough space for your weekend getaway bags with 8.5-13.5 cubic feet of capacity. 

The 2020 SL is lighter, shaving nearly 300 pounds from its frame from the previous model. And the body structure of the 2020 SL is composed of mainly diecast, chilled-cast, hydroformed, and extruded aluminum. This structure gives the SL greater rigidity and safety while it performs handsomely on the road. The SL 450 is capable of 20 miles per gallon in the city and 28 mpg on the highway, similar in fuel consumption to the SLC.

Design & Comfort

Each of the two gorgeously stitched and individually tailored, hand-fitted seats are covered with full-grain Nappa or designo leather. The leather is treated in a way that helps it reflect the sun, resist overheating, and avoid damage from punishing rays. Hand in hand, the dash and in-door touches are crafted with matte or high-gloss wood, sleek carbon fiber, or textured aluminum.

Mercedes-Benz offers an unmatched feature called  AIRSCARF®, which blows warm air on your head and neck so you can enjoy the open roadster for extended seasons. 

And what is a roadster without sterling sound? Harman/kardon® surround sound is standard, with 600 watts of audio, and FrontBass® subwoofers are installed under the dash to save bodyweight and use structural elements as acoustic conductors. If you are a serious audiophile and need more resonance, treat yourself to a feast for the ears: a 1,000-watt, 7.1-channel Bang & Olufsen® BeoSound™ system. Apple CarPlay™ and Android Auto™ are also standard.

Key Features


Mercedes-Benz is up to date with the latest driver-assist technology, including ATTENTION ASSIST®, the first system of its kind. ATTENTION ASSIST is your safety guardian when on the road and monitors your driving behavior. If it detects signs of driver fatigue behind the wheel, like a change in steering behaviors and tactical errors based on your normal behaviors, it issues an alert. This groundbreaking system monitors up to 70 driving parameters, measured on the patterns of the drivers themselves. 

Mercedes me connect

Mercedes me connect gives you remote access to your car with a brand-exclusive mobile app. Remote Start, door locks, and a vehicle locator to mark your parking space make it easy for you to manage your vehicle from afar; vehicle monitoring and stolen vehicle tracking also help you protect your vehicle.


The radar-based PRE-SAFE® feature can alert you if you're approaching a vehicle ahead or even some stationary objects at a speed and distance that suggest a collision is likely. As soon as you start to brake, it can automatically provide an appropriate level of braking to help prevent a collision or reduce its severity. If you fail to respond, it can also initiate braking autonomously at a range of driving speeds. The system can also detect and react to crossing pedestrians at typical city speeds.

Alternative Options

Do you think you're ready for the next level? The AMG GT is a pure sports car based on racecars. For a complete departure from the SL, throw yourself a curveball and test drive a G-Class SUV. It's iconic and well-loved in its class, and it retains the nostalgic look and feel without sacrificing modern technology. 


* Base MSRP excludes transportation and handling charges, destination charges, taxes, title, registration, preparation and documentary fees, tags, labor and installation charges, insurance, and optional equipment, products, packages and accessories. Actual vehicle price may vary by Dealer.

Image Credit: Mercedes-Benz